The things you can mail: The 6 top strange questions

As the use of mail is the main medium to deliver something it became very useful to many people and also to the businesses. They use mail to advertise their product. They send mail to deliver collection notice. They send mail to notify their clients of change of address or change of rates. Businesses use it for many things that is why there came strange questions about it as people became very curious on what kinds of things that the post office will accept as mail.

It is interesting and amusing at the same time when I first encountered this infographic and have read it. I too do not know about it but now I have already an understanding. I want also to receive the coconut especially when it is the summer time as they are very refreshing and good for the body. But I would not consider mailing myself as they can throw me around until I reached my destination. And it is really impossible to be done so why does someone do it?

It is good to receive chicken as a present. One that is ready to be considered as a meal because we do not have some space to take care of it. It is interesting what people can think to send through mail. It is a useful way though as you can send things. Now many couriers compete for giving that kind of service. There are international and domestic couriers that even have their own airplane.