History of Postage Stamp

Postal stamp or postage stamp are used as a payment for the service provided like a delivery payment. If you receive a mail, you can see a postal stamp on the envelope with its design, monetary value of the country, and an adhesive at the back. The sender is the one who pay the postal stamp.

When did the postal stamp started to be used?

In the 18th century, Ireland and Britain are the first to introduce the use of postal stamps. In order to prevent the repeated usage of stamp, postmarks are being used. There are different kinds of postage stamps. At first, a nation’s name where the letter came from was not included in the stamp. In the United Kingdom, the picture of the ruler such as the queen is the one featured in the stamp. It shows the identity of the country who issues the mail.

Letters are being used as the way of communication in the old days. In a family, in order to inform their relatives about their situation especially if they are afar from each other, letters are very convenient. Most of the countries ¬†adapted the use of these postage stamps. It was one of the most in-demand business in those days. Some of the postage stamps that was produced before was the Penny Black and the Bull’s Eye.

Each country has their own postal stamp design. The price of these stamps are also different. One thing is for sure, it is affordable, you can easily get some piece of coins in your pocket to pay for it.