The evolution of the commemorative stamps and the royal family

Stamps are valued at some time and it has also its own history of how it started and what is the status of today. Many people send and receive mail even if it was reduced in this year because of the use of social media, telephone and cell phone aside from the many tools on the internet. There are many applications that people used as an alternative for communication. They are free and accessible so that makes them the first choice in these days.

You can see that the commemorative stamps begin with just three sets of stamps in the 1920s. It was at the British Empire exhibition and when the 1930s came they released two sets of stamps only. The first one is the coronation of George VI and to celebrate the jubilee of George V. The stamps were first made to commemorate the royal family and so the beginning has much relation to the Royal Family and many people became collectors of this different kind of stamps.

As time pass by the growth of the use of stamps leads to its evolvement and they make stamps about the animals with many series and they also make a set that is related to nature. There have been many sets that were already released and it numbered up to sixty set. It is a lot for the stamp collectors and the Royal can benefit from it by the sales that they can get.