Looking into the interesting and tiring job of a mailman in a day

many of us already know what is the mail and we have used it many times. Maybe the personal letters being sent decreased but the business letter and marketing kinds are still very active so we can see many mails being delivered. But its not just letters but also the packages. It was already a practice to give gifts or to buy online so the traffic for packages sent is much busy when it comes to the merriment season influence by the human culture.

Here you can see about the life of a mailman delivering letters and packages. He walks miles to every house having his own route to let the letters be delivered to every houses. Its not just the letters but he has to deliver also the packages that comes in all sizes. It is a job that requires physical strength as you have to walk continually from one point to another. Maybe that is why their are mailman who dumps letters in trash bin because they are very tired to deliver them.

The danger of it is that if there are important documents that are inside the letter envelopes and they were just thrown away. So efforts are being made to track whoever made that action. It is a good thing to be able to watch this video so we could have an understanding of what they are doing and what we could also do to help them in their job.