The Significance of Putting a Seal

Some of products have a seal. Why do you think they put seal in it? The seal is very important at all times i order to prove the authenticity of the product. There is no reason for all of us to be cheated if seal is there. This is why there is always a note “DO NOT accept if seal is broken”. If seal is broken, then the product is possibly tampered. This is why there is no way for customers to accept the product.

If the seal is removed and the customer still accepted it, then what do you think the customer will think? He will think that the product is not good and he swears not to buy that product again. Then the producer has lost a customer. This is why seal is one way of the companies or organizations to protect their reputation. If they do not put a note to reject the broken seal ones, then they will be blamed for being so dishonest with the quality.

Tampered seal means that the product was attempted to be used or opened and there can be reduction of the content. There are many reasons why people should be making these seal. This is to certify the honesty between the producer and customer. This is to certify that all products have to be protected with all the right. The seal is a proof of legitimacy of a product. There are the things that we have to be careful about even the seal is there.