The historical presentation of when people start writing

Writing is one of the form of communication of all people. It was already gone the times that only communicates orally. It is not just for communication but it is also used to record something and to be able to learn. Int the ancient days they just speak to each other but then the time came that they learn how to write and they began to record what is happening around them and so we can have an understanding in this present time.

If you will watch the video you can see the origin of writing from when it was taught and put into action. Writing is also an art that many plays and novels or books have been written. Because of its development into being typewritten and now encoded in the computer, we can read even the old books and novels until this time. Others have been made into audio books. The human civilization have gone far that it makes us be amazed how our ancestors survived well at their time.

The video is informative and it receive a good feedback from others who watch it because of its good illustration and also its clear explanation. It is good for anyone even if it animation if you want to know something. you can use it for the children to learn also creatively. Now is the time that all is not done by chalk only and eraser but with the help of different tools and even gadgets.