Different Type of Stamps in this age

There are the different kinds of stamps that are being used during this time. Looking back at the history of stamp that are being used in this age.

Stamp used in the school. Schools uses stamp as a valid proof of payment in order to be in order with the students. The stamp may contain the logo of the school that includes the name and date of payment. Some even use this stamp as a proof of validity.

Stamp used for special occasions. There are letters for special occasions such as wedding party, anniversary or even birthday party. This is a proof that there are still many who prefer handwritten letters rather than going online. Expressing your feelings through your handwritten notes in order to express it from the bottom of hearts at the same time the effort you have made can be seen.

Agency Stamps. For those offering any kind of service for the customers. This is service stamp used to proclaim payment.

To the customers, stamps are very important in every process that they undergo so that they can make sure that they have already paid.

Presidential Stamps. These kinds of stamps are the highest kind of stamps that are used by the cabinets to ensure something that can not be cheated by the organizations approaching the approval of the president or higher person in authority. These stamps are used also to seek the approval of law. Some may even use this to threaten people of lower class which is not good to be done.